Chapter 1 – a fruitful struggle

Hardcore Fashion is a brand built by Laurentiu Dobre – the Romanian designer who created an unique concept and launched an extremely appreciated fashion trend. Laurentiu had a tumultuous life, but after performing in various artistic areas he managed to impress the fashion world.

Chapter 2 – the beginning

Laurentiu Dobre studied arts and design, but did not stay on this path because he was afraid that his creativity would not be appreciated or understood. After years of exploring his passions, life gave Laurentiu the chance to reunite with his first love: artistic drawing. Due to a precarious financial situation, Laurentiu had to reinvent himself.

Chapter 3 – the revelation

It all started with a sketch for an inventive pair of pants, which became a real work of art appreciated by the general public. This was a key moment: the moment when Laurentiu realized that he could create appreciated and much desired clothes. Even if his success did not offer him considerable income, Laurentiu decided to invest everything in a new project: Hardcore Fashion.

Chapter 4 – THE SUCCESS

Although the beginning was difficult and full of obstacles, his talent was noticed, and his creations remain innovative and attract attention anywhere in the world. His ascent was rapid. Laurentiu is invited to participate in numerous fashion events around the world: London, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Miami, or Los Angeles. Hardcore Fashion quickly became an international brand.

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